Summer Vacation Assignment : Class : IV (Session 2015-2016)

Summer Vacation Assignment

(The Assignment is printed on both the sides of two pages)

Class : IV (Session 2015-2016)

Dear children

Summer Vacation has started and you must be ready for fun, frolic, getting up late in the morning, playing for long hours with friends, going for picnics, travelling and exploring new cities/ countries. Apart from this, it will be great if you are able to find time to visit museums & monuments, learn new things, explore new areas near your house, play indoor & outdoor games, read as many story books as you can, spend time  with parents  & grandparents, go for morning walk & play in your locality park in the evenings.

Children, you should be regular in reading books. Reading will not only help you become a better student, but a better person too. Remember, reading different types of books e.g. short stories/ fiction/ journeys/ autobiographies/ biographies etc. not only fill our mind with knowledge, but also inspire thought & reflection.

You must remember, the more you read, the more words you gain, which will inevitably make their way into your everyday vocabulary.

General Awareness

To enhance your General Awareness and information about the Current Affairs, you must read the newspaper daily and watch news on TV regularly.

Current Affairs will be discussed in the class after Summer Vacation. Also revise your General Awareness Sheets.

                                        Value Education

            Read the stories from your Value Education book ‘Yes We Can’.

        Make a badge:

·        You need a piece of cardboard, unused wrapping paper, sketch pens, glitter, glue and a pair of scissors.

·        Take your parent’s help to cut out a disc from the cardboard. Cover it with the wrapping paper.

·        Write any one value as ‘Help the needy’, ‘Care for the old’ etc on the disc.

·        Decorate it with glitter.


1 Page

You must wear this badge in the first week after the vacation is over.

Subject: English (Class - IV)

·        Read books of your choice and enrich your vocabulary for the Spell Bee selection rounds.

·        Make a word chain. The last two letters of the word should form the first two letters of the next word. For example : Metal – Almost – Stranger – Eruption and so on. Form a chain of 25 new words. Do this work on the double line sheets provided. The words should be as per your class level.

*          Over a period of 1 month, collect at least 5 things that mean something special to you. The

things you collect could be anything for e.g. a ticket stub or an eraser that is shaped like your favourite  super hero. Now, on an A-4 size Norway sheet, write down about each item you collected and state why it is special to you.

Subject: Science (Class - IV)

Conduct a survey in your neighbourhood. Ask at least 10 – 15 people belonging to different age groups about their preferences for snacks.

*          Find out which of the following snacks do they like the most:

·         fruit salad

·         chips

·         burgers

·         biscuits

·         pizza

·         pasta

·         vegetable salad

·         noodles

*          Investigate the following information about the commonly liked snack:

·         Is it healthy or unhealthy? Why?

·         What are the different ingredients used to prepare it? (for packed food item, you can refer to the printed label regarding the information of ingredients used in it).

·         Do you think most of the people these days prefer snacks loaded with artificial flavours? Why? (Write in at least 10 words)

·         Paste pictures or draw any two healthy snacks and write few ways to make them tastier and more likeable. (Write in at least 20 words)

Do this activity on an A-4 size Norway sheet.

Subject: Social Science (Class - IV)

Prepare a colourful brochure for the Heritage site which you have recently visited in India or abroad. Use an A4 size Norway sheet. You can use both sides of the sheet. In the brochure, mention the specific details of the monument.

·         The city and the country in which the monument is located.

·         The continent in which the monument is located.

·         The year in which this monument was built.

·         Mention the name of the person who got this monument built.

·         Mention the dynasty to which this monument belongs  

·         Which organization (Government/ Non-Government) takes care of this monument?

·         The condition of the monument at present.

Support the information with pictures. Remember, the pictures should only show the monument. The pictures should not have your or your family members’ photographs.

Subject: Mathematics (Class - IV)

·        Learn tables from 2 to 15.

·        Attempt Summer Vacation Assignment sheet from pgs. 1 to 12.

·       Do practice of story sums of addition, multiplication, division and subtraction in rough notebook. (Refer Worksheets & Maths Assignment Book.)

Attempt the following activities in the space provided in the summer vacation assignment sheet.

Activity 1 :           Cut out five Sudokus from the newspaper. Solve and paste them.

Activity 2 :           Get information from the internet on any 4 Mathematicians and write few lines about each one of them.

Activity 3 :           Get information from the internet to make a collage on the population of any 7 districts of Punjab. Do activity no. 3 on an A-4 size Norway Sheet.