Awareness About Digital Hygiene

Spring Dale Senior School, Amritsar

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Dear Parents

As adults we all have tight work schedules and at times we are unable to spend quality time with our children. At times this gap is filled by gadgets to keep them occupied.

In an age, where technology is an inseparable part of our daily lives, let’s monitor the gadget usage of our children, especially when they are lonely in their living areas at home. It is a proven fact that the children get active on the social media or get addicted to the online games due to boredom, peer pressure and parental negligence.

These days apart from the freely downloaded games which can be accessed on the smart phones, there are few online games on social media networks. The creators of such games seek out their players and send them an invitation to join.

Let’s update ourselves with some of the indications that reflect a child’s inclination towards such games. Most child psychologists say that when a child tends to stay by himself/ herself, stops interacting with family and friends, changes eating and sleeping habits, these are signs not to be ignored and call for immediate attention. These are the basic symptoms of a child who may be inclined towards participating in these horrifying online games.

Let’s intervene and make our children safe by preventing them from participating in such deadly games. Here are a few tips on how you can keep your child safe online:

a)         Make sure that your child has an access to only age appropriate online sites which do not promote unethical behavior or violence.

b)         Always ensure that your child accesses internet from a mobile/ laptop under your supervision.

c)         Talk to your child very often.

d)         After study time at home, ensure that the children spend their time either reading books or going for outdoor activities.

e)         Use parental controls on all the devices used by your child.

f)         Be a role model to your child. Be conscious of your own online activities.

g)         Keep yourself updated with recent internet and online gaming phenomena.

h)         Observe your child’s behavior closely. If you notice any emotional or behavioral changes then immediately seek an expert advice.

Let’s ensure that we give safe, happy and healthy environment to our children at home and school.

Rajiv Kumar Sharma