Safety Concern by Principal Sir

 Dear team

This is to share with you that the worthy Principal called me in concern of the security issues and following instructions given by Sir are being passed to be executed by all of us;
1)Children coming early will be collected and made to sit on the racks lying in the school Main Ground as the rooms will remain locked till the Facilitator/HOD comes and the doors of the class rooms are opened (i.e. 6.30 AM).Capt. Lakhwinder's help is sought to depute the maids or office boys on the stairs and the ramp to direct the students to the ground.
2)The Roof tops and Water tanks will remain locked and the HOD will be the custodian of the keys,it will be only after entering the in-out time in the log book maintained by the HOD that the keys can be taken by the office boys or maintenance staff subject to be returned.
3)All of us to be more vigilant during our rounds about the effective presence of sweepers/maids in the washrooms.
Apart from this, there are concerns about regulating the entry of visitors in the premises coming for various reasons, which I am coordinating with the Security head,Maintenance Officer and Transport Coordinator.
Kindly share at the earliest if an unusual or hazardous condition is observed by you during rounds.