Beyond the Traditional Classroom

Youth has been purposefully designated an imperative position in the society. Many dignitaries and famous personalities stress on the youth segment and its role in shaping the future of a country. As a believer of this pragmatic policy Spring Dale took an imperative step and started following the mantra of “Catch them young”. We believe in involving our students in various social, environmental, literary and other sectors, thus making them grow and evolve as ideal leaders and examples for the society.


Objectives- The Student Council of Spring Dale Senior School epitomizes an efficient team keen on establishing the foundations of discipline, co-operation and co-ordination amongst students. It strives to wreath the thread of the legacies of our mentors Late Dr. Shivinder Singh Sandhu and Late Mrs. Manveen Sandhu, who envisioned Spring Dales as an institution where the mind is without fear. This student body has been setup with an objective to envisage an environment where the students can grow into to be well- informed, confident, dynamic and disciplined individuals to achieve the hallmark of excelsior. It believes in harmony and humility to execute the essential role as a linking pin between the youthful students and the expert management of the institution.

Composition- It is a group of students selected from classes III-XII. The core group of Student Council comprises students from the high school and the pre-college serving the posts of President, Student Council, Vice – President, Student Council, Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Secretaries of 12 clubs functioning in the school and the Editorial Board respectively.

Selection- Selection as a Student Council member is subject to the overall personality of a student which is examined through application forms, interviews and academic and co-curricular strengths of the students based on the remarks of the concerned teachers. Above all, serving the student council involves the spark of learning and following the blissful tools of hard work and discipline in all walks of life. The intrinsic drives to serve the school and to learn the maximum out of every experience are major pre-requisites.

Working- All the efforts of the council are consciously directed towards making students not only disciplined and innovative but also to mold the memento of excelsior as the competitive scenario demands. At every event held in house or outside the school, the student council ensures that each and every member gets to perform more than one duty. There are monthly club meets held in the school for classes IX-XII which are controlled and managed by the core team of respective clubs. This is how the student council gives room for all latent abilities of the potential leaders of the school and provides them an environment to make full use of their calibers.

Igniting Interactions- Through this section Spring Dale unfolds the idea of healthy discussions amongst students, parents and faculty. This allows the students to open up and prepares them well for the challenging world outside the school ambiance.

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