The Heritage Club

The Heritage Club compromises students who act as the proud and responsible custodians of our heritage- tangible and intangible. The students are sensitized about how our future depends on how well we take care of the legacies. As a result the members of the club have been actively raising voice against the defacement of sites and properties in and around our holy city. Ours is one of the first schools in the nation to have adopted the site of Pul Kanjri, an initiative that CBSE later inculcated into its Heritage Education Programme..



Students of Heritage club prepared videos that potrayed the unconditional love and care that parents revere their kids with, June 3 

The word "Parent" perfectly defines warmth , care and fervor . India has a long history that reveals that children hee venerate their parents as God. Its generally said that " a father\'s goodness is higher than the mountains and a mother\'s goodness is deeper than the sea. Its true that no one in this world can give you more love than your folks.

They play different roles at different stages of a child\'s life, most importantly they serve as their role models.