Davinder Pal Center for Creative Arts

Dedicated to Mrs. Davinder Pal Kaur, the founder of Spring Dale Senior School, the Centre is a manifestation of the vision seen by late Dr Shivinder Singh Sandhu and Mrs Manveen Sandhu of seeing young minds enjoying and appreciating art since a very early stage in their lives.

We aim at cultivating in our students an aptitude for the appreciation of art, besides polishing their creative skills, building self esteem and individuality, reviving the dying art forms, strengthening psychomotor skills (hand and eye coordination), exposing them to Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) and helping them understand the dignity of labour.

Our Students Learn...

  1. Art forms as Madhubani and Worli.
  2. Working with oil and acrylic colours (middle and senior level)
  3. Craft stressing use of re-cycled material
  4. Pottery to promote appreciation of history and our heritage and uphold the tradition of pottery.
  5. Tie and Dye (Bandhini) using traditional technique of tying and dying the cloth to create innovative patterns
  6. Cooking (Flavours) to impart culinary skills to carve a niche for themselves in the global hotel management industry besides instilling dignity of labour among students and teaching them about nutritional value of various foods
  7. Instruction in how to produce clay Sculptures and use re-cycled material in sculpting helps our students grasp what is taught in textbooks. We offer demonstrations on how art is actually created, with due stress is also laid on team work.
  8. Teaching of Photography begins at the junior level. We teach our budding lensmen the use of basic cameras besides focusing on practical composition, aesthetic sense and art of visual perception. At the senior level students are taught to handle the digital cameras and work with Adobe Photoshop.
  9. Our teaching of the new age art called Graphics is rooted in traditional art forms. It employs the use of computers and software as Photoshop, Illustrator and 3-D Max, which children find appealing.
  10. The art of Calligraphy that is taught in our school entails exposing students to various writing techniques, designing fonts that foster the art of beautiful handwriting.
  11. We teach Needle Work to our students to enable them to churn out masterpieces with a piece of cloth, a needle and thread and materials like matte and net. It fosters better hand and eye coordination.
  12. In Oil Painting our students learn to paint various themes related to real life.