State of the Art Laboratories

We believe that theoretical knowledge is only half-baked. Our students practically apply what they learn in their classrooms in these state-of-the-art labs. These classes also help the students beat the tedium of their bookish knowledge along with an innovative way to learn. Here, the young minds are constantly encouraged to test theories, prove concepts and validate hypotheses.

1. Futuristic ICT Computer Labs 
Replete with ISDN facility and more than 150 networked computers are a part of our state-of-the-art infrastructure. As we follow ‘One Child One Computer’ policy, we have separate laboratories for the junior, senior and pre college students. 

2. Three Audio Visual Laboratories 
These labs aid students in absorbing the concepts they have learnt in their classrooms in a better manner. Fully equipped multi-media facilities are a great help to students for making and showcasing presentations to an audience.

3. Robotics lab
To encourage students nurse an early interest in the field of robotics, an avant-garde Robotics lab with advanced facilities is developed in the school.

4. Smart classes
Fully equipped with interactive boards, computers and LCD projectors to make learning more exciting and lucid for the students besides enabling multi-learning, improving academic performance of students and enhancing teacher’s effectiveness. 

5. The Mathematics Labs 
The Mathematics Lab brings out the brighter and more thrilling facet of the subject. Students deal with applicative aspects of learning mathematical concepts. Independent and original thinking is encouraged through the ‘learning and discovery’ approach to arrive at conceptual understanding of abstractions. 

6. Science Park
In order to make our students have a better grasp of Science concepts like mechanics, sound, light, meteorology, and heat; a science park has been constructed to teach these rudiments in a creative and interesting way. A visit to this park makes learning of scientific principles very engaging for the students.

7. Space Lab
To ignite the minds to unravel the mysteries of the universe a fully equipped space lab takes the young minds into the farthest frontiers. Audio-visual activities in the space lab nurture curiosities   and make them wonder at the expanse and potential of the universe to sow the seeds of creating new knowledge for the future.