Vision Statement

Spring Dale Senior School is founded on the principle of “Respect” where we strive to nurture ¬†intrinsically motivated, collaborative learners who listen, question, challenge and probe the world around them. They are taught to take ownership of their learning that aids them in becoming responsible, global citizens. We aim at creating an educational environment which motivates all students to enhance their abilities, interests and talents to the fullest.

Mission Statement

The mission of Spring Dale Senior School is to provide a qualitatively superior learning environment that grooms fervor for intellectual curiosity, independence and innovation, encourages risk taking and is committed to a legacy of academic excellence and social responsibility.

The school focuses on academics with appropriate co-curricular experiences in-tandem, which develops academically brilliant students well equipped with life skills to navigate the world successfully. A true Spring Dalean will always endeavour to do his / her country proud.

We go by the following verse :
“Awal Allah noor upaya;
Kudrat ke sab bandey;
Ek nor te sab sat jag upgaya;
Kaun bhale kau mandey.”