Spring Daleans explore new age careers with Pearl Academy
The fact that a number of better and interesting career opportunities are available to the Indian youth these days as compared to the previous years, came to the fore during an interactive session devoted to New Age Careers held at Spring Dale Senior School.
The session drew enormous response from the Spring Daleans, who apparently do not want to pursue the traditional careers and want to try their hand at something new and more emotionally and intellectually appealing and financially rewarding.
Conducted by Shashank Khandelwal, Manager, Education Partnerships, Pearl Academy, the session urged the students to go for innovative courses that not only promise to put their innate talents to the best use, but also ensure rich financial rewards every month.
“The aim behind organizing the interaction was not to enable the students to think out of the box, but to dump that box and think in a different manner so as to have the most satisfying careers,” said Mr Rajiv Kumar Sharma, Principal, Spring Dale Senior School.
He added that the school regularly organized career counseling sessions, but those also entailed considering traditional careers to earn a living. “While there is nothing wrong with the traditional career choices, it is high time that students started planning their careers in an inventive manner,” he said.
Dr Kirat Sandhu Cheema, Director, Spring Dale Senior School, and Mr Sahiljit Singh Sandhu, Managing Trustee, Spring Dale Educational Society, said that choosing a career these days called for a lot of innovation and planning. “As many youth are still unemployed in the country despite most of them being highly qualified, the need of the hour is to ensure that one creates employment opportunities for oneself by realizing one’s talents and putting them to use,” they said.
Spring Dale Senior School