Patriotic fervor marks Independence Day celebrations at Spring Dale Senior School
While the British rulers left India post Independence, there is a lot that still enslaves the nation and needs to be tackled to make it truly independent. The fact came to the fore during the Independence Day celebrations at Spring Dale Senior School. Rich tributes were paid to the freedom fighters through various scintillating song and dance performances staged on this occasion.
The staff and students of the school walked into a premises bedecked with cut outs of doves painted with patriotic colours signifying the school’s desire for peace within the nation. Patriotic songs played on the school’s public address system greeted them ahead of the beginning of the usual school day.
To mark the occasion, the students of the junior classes gathered in the exhibition area of the school sporting placards displaying the achievements of the scientists, sportsmen and bureaucrats of the country. The members of the school’s management, staff and students present on the occasion wrote prayers for peace within the nation and across the world, which were then displayed on the display boards placed there.
In his address, Mr Rajiv Kumar Sharma, Principal, Spring Dale Senior School, said that while the British rulers had left India long ago, Indians were yet to become truly independent as they were still controlled by various negative influences.
“Indians are yet to become truly independent as they are still under the influence of peer pressure, gadget addictions and various other destructive influences that threaten to violate their inner peace, and consequently, that of the people around them and their country,” he said. He urged the masses to get rid of all evil tendencies to be truly independent.
Dr Kirat Sandhu Cheema, Director, Spring Dale Senior School, and Mr Sahiljit Singh Sandhu, Managing Trustee, Spring Dale Educational Society, said that it was heartening to see students participate with patriotic fervor in the school’s Independence Day celebrations.
“The school makes constant efforts at instilling a pride for their country in the hearts of the students, besides ensuring that they are deeply rooted in India’s rich cultural traditions and get to learn all that there is to know about the country’s heritage,” they said.
Spring Dale Senior School