Students urged to say ‘No’ to alcohol for long life during lecture on underage drinking
While alcohol is the life of most parties in India, it actually leads to death. Consuming 30 ml of alcohol per day could subtract 80 minutes from a person’s life. The fact came to the fore during an interaction of the students organized by the Youth for Change Club of the school, with Mr Sandeep Bansal, Senior Vice President, HCL Technologies, and an honorary social worker.
Stating that teenagers do not necessarily have to consume alcohol to appear ‘hep’, ‘in’ and ‘cool’, he urged the young Spring Daleans to say ‘No’ to the spirits in any form. Mr Bansal stated that alcohol consumption has attained alarming proportions in India with the country surpassing Denmark that once topped the world in alcohol consumption.
“While Denmark has an average of 80% in terms of alcohol consumption, once considered the highest in the world, India has surpassed it and attained the 90% mark,” he said. He further said that what was more alarming was the steady rise in alcoholism among children, which were largely attributable to the busy lifestyle and drinking habits of their own parents.
“In India nearly 89.8% boys start consuming alcohol by the time they reach class XII. Even girls are not far behind, with the past five years witnessing a drastic increase in the number of underage girls consuming alcohol, which stands at no less than 64.6% at present,” he said.
He maintained that cashing in on the trend, alcohol vendors across the country had now begun to target children as well with drinks claimed to be safe for children. “But alcohol leads to depression, and death. It damages the liver, and the kidneys, enlarges the heart and is the cause of cancer-related deaths among children,” he said while outlining the ravages of alcohol.  
Mr Rajiv Kumar Sharma, Principal, Spring Dale Senior School, said that the session would go a long way in making students aware of the negative effects of alcohol consumption. “Students should focus more on their studies and healthier pursuits if they are to present themselves as truly ‘hip’, ‘cool’ and ‘in’,” he said.
Dr Kirat Sandhu Cheema, Director, Spring Dale Senior School, and Mr Sahiljit Singh Sandhu, President, Spring Dale Educational Society, reiterated their commitment to organize more sessions in the school to spread awareness among the staff and students about the health-related issues.
Spring Dale Senior School