This Principal derives motivation from his students
Compiles his anthology of poems after being inspired by his students
While it’s not unusual for the younger generation to derive inspiration from their predecessors, motivation for realizing one’s innate talents need not necessarily flow in the downward direction -- from the elders to their juniors. Sometimes it’s the other way around as is evident from the case of an Amritsar-based globally renowned academician, who learnt from his students to afford a tangible form to his personal poetic thoughts, and assimilate them into a book.
For over three decades, Mr Rajiv Kumar Sharma, Principal, Spring Dale Senior School, who unveiled his anthology of poems titled ‘Love, Lies, Life’ on Tuesday, was sitting on a ton of poetic thought till his former students, who have achieved fame in different fields globally, inspired him to amass them into book form.
“Though I had been penning verses since my college days, the maximum that I ever did in the name of global exposure was to publish them on a reputed online portal with ‘Fossil’ as my nom de plume. Compiling my poems into book form never occurred to me till my former students, now established poets, inspired me,” says Mr Sharma. He also gives credit for his book to his colleagues and other academics.
He maintains that the aim of his anthology is to inspire, comfort, provoke. He adds, “If an expression does not perform either of these functions it’s not meant to reach out. The poems in this collection live up to this notion. Composed in the simplest of words they relate with our emotions and experiences yet give us a glimpse of a less explored world, which is always around us, but remains unclaimed.”
Employing free-verse to communicate his thoughts, Mr Sharma does not fail to reciprocate by inspiring his students to continue dreaming even when they have achieved the desired goals in life. “When dreams become reality and life seems dream-like, when long cherished desire is met, and you sit on the peak you always wanted to reach. Then what is to be done? Have another dream, desire something more, set another destination, become restless, And start the journey once more,” he says in his poem titled Once More.
While exposing the realities of Munna Bhai’s ‘Gandhigiri’ and ‘India Shining’, Mr Sharma’s verse touches a wide variety of topics of personal and universal appeal. His expressions ‘erupt every now and then to find some meaning and perfection in an imperfect world’. He wants to make a difference with his poetry, but that is not his aim as he fears as even the greatest books ever written in the world have failed to create an ideal society.
His aim is to reach out universally to be able to relate to lonely people to make them smile. “Let my words evade the burden of making a difference and just wander freely where they will, and maybe chance upon someone to bring a secret smile of understanding, of not being alone with such thoughts,” he says in Let My Words Wander.
Terming Mr Sharma as a multi-faceted personality, Dr Kirat Sandhu Cheema, Director, Spring Dale Senior School, and Mr Sahiljit Singh Sandhu, President, Spring Dale Educational Society, said that he is a thinker, educator and dreamer, all rolled into one. “The poet called Rajiv Kumar Sharma ‘Fossil’ has touched and influenced more lives than many of the renowned personalities of our times,” they said.
They added that ‘Fossil’s’ followers and students are spread across the globe. “Despite shunning active use of the social media and keeping a low profile, Mr Sharma is one of the most effective, vibrant and highly successful Principals of India,” they said. They prayed for the success of all his future literary endeavours. 
Spring Dale Senior School