Spring Dales throws a challenge to Blue Whale
Takes the initiative to issue an advisory to parents, teachers and students
With a view to protecting its own students from the clutches of the deadly Blue Whale that has taken teenagers from the whole world in its spell, Spring Dale Senior School has issued an advisory to the parents, teachers and students to bond well with each other at home, avoid accessing sites that are harmful for children and to monitor the children’s internet activities daily.
As per the advisory issued by the authorities of Spring Dale Senior School, parents have been urged to monitor their children’s gadget use, especially when they are lonely in their living areas at home as they have the propensity to get addicted to online games due to boredom, peer pressure and parental negligence.
Parents have also been urged to keep themselves updated about the involvement of their children on the social media and the games that they promote. “A child that remains withdrawn, and starts keeping to himself, avoids interactions with family and friends and changes his eating and sleeping patterns, needs immediate attention,” says Mr Rajiv Kumar Sharma, Principal, Spring Dale Senior School.
The advisory calls upon the parents to ensure that their children have access to age appropriate sites only, particularly the ones that do not promote violence or unethical behavior; and that the child accesses the internet from a mobile or laptop under their own supervision; To interact with their children daily; to involve children more in reading and outdoor activities after study time at home; parental control of the devices used by the child; being a role model by indulging in responsible online behavior; staying updated with the recent online gaming phenomena; and observing the child’s behavior closely to notice any emotional or behavioral changes and seek expert advice immediately, if required.
“The appeal, though addressed to our own students, their parents and our teachers, has global relevance as the menace has claimed the lives of many teenagers all over the world and still has a number of them under its influence,” said Mr Sharma.
School Psychologist Ms Meenakshi Soi said that availability of gadgets and internet connection and lack of parental guidance and monitoring were some of the factors that were responsible for pushing children towards the Blue Whale challenge. She added that students of Spring Dales were being sensitized towards these issues while their parents were also being counseled.
Dr Kirat Sandhu Cheema, Director, Spring Dale Senior School, and Mr Sahiljit Singh Sandhu, President, Spring Dale Educational Society, said that the school was concerned about the overall development and wellbeing of its students.
“The teachers too have been asked to be vigilant and monitor their students well to ensure that none of them gets trapped by the deadly online game. In case of a doubt about any gaming site or internet portal, the students too have been asked to consult their parents and teachers before accessing the same,” they said. They maintained that the school’s IT wing has been entrusted the responsibility of monitoring all kinds of internet activity going on in the school.
Spring Dale Senior School