Spring Daleans step into the shoes of special children to bat for inclusive education
Reiterating its commitment to impart quality education to children from all backgrounds, including those with unique abilities and learning disabilities, Spring Dale Senior School observed World Disability Week in its premises by organizing special assemblies for its children with distinctive needs.
Giving details, Mr Rajiv Kumar Sharma, Principal, Spring Dale Senior School, said that the celebration was a part of CBSE’s initiative on Inclusive Education, which aimed at empowerment of people of all abilities through education. Titled ‘Walking in their shoes’, the event entailed participation of students with special abilities in song and dance sequences, to afford them a chance to showcase their abilities. Besides this, they were also able to share the stage with their friends.
Meanwhile, all through the preceding week, students were seen walking around the premises blindfolded, gagged, their legs tied and arms bandaged and with their friends acting as helpers and guides to try and feel what their friends with distinctive needs experience on being deprived of physical, intellectual and material assets available to their other schoolmates.
On No Talking Day, students were asked to observe complete silence, while a Deafness Day was also observed during the week in which the teachers were asked to teach their classes through sign language. “The aim of this and other activities was to enable all students to understand the challenges faced by their special counterparts and to sensitize them to come forward to help them in coping up with these challenges,” Mr Sharma said.
“Besides fostering respect and understanding for each other’s strengths and limitations, the event also enabled the special students to understand the meaning of true empowerment, forge lasting bonds with their ‘buddies’ and vice-versa,” he said.
He maintained that this activity was a part of the inclusive education endeavour of the school, which aims at empowering students irrespective of their gender, background, strengths and weaknesses, by providing them with the best of education.
“As there is very little awareness about children with various challenges, there is need for more knowledge and training in educational institutions particularly schools so that all kinds of students can be supported and included in the mainstream education,” Mr Sharma maintained.
Stating that special students were as important to the institution as the other students, Dr Kirat Sandhu Cheema, Director, Spring Dale Senior School, and Mr Sahiljit Singh Sandhu, Chairman, Spring Dale Educational Society, said that the school was doing its best to impart the best of education to all its students.
“At Spring Dales we take every possible measure to ensure that our special students are not just comfortable and happy, but that they also have access to all the facilities that are available to other students. We reiterate our commitment to be constantly at work as far as upgrading our infrastructure is concerned,” they said.
Spring Dale Senior School