Spring Daleans bat for ‘Health for All’, universal health coverage for everyone, everywhere
School expresses concern about issues related to mental health    
Irrespective of the importance being attached to issues related to general and mental health and well-being, universal health coverage still remains a distant dream for many in India and abroad. Expressing concern on this issue, students of Spring Dale Senior School joined the international bandwagon of health enthusiasts, to press for stress-free living, humane working conditions and universal health coverage for everyone, everywhere.
Expressing concern about issues related to Mental Health, the school on this occasion also sent a team of teachers to partake of the School Mental Health Programme organized by Bhatia Neuro Psychiatry Hospital. These teachers later addressed the staff and students of the school to share their insights on the workshop on Mental Health and the tips to maintain the same.
Addressing the students, Ms Meenakshi Soi, Psychiatrist and School Counselor, who attended the session organized by Bhatia Neuro Psychiatry Hospital, said a lot of importance is being attached to people’s mental health these days because of increasing stress being faced by people of all ages and societal and health issues emanating from the same.
 “No doubt, it is very important for you all to work hard to attain good grades, but it is equally important for you to relax and unwind after a hard day besides consuming a healthy diet to keep stress at bay,” she said, while addressing students. She added that possessing a universal health cover was also very important as it helped tackle various diseases, but lamented the fact that despite its myriad benefits, a vast majority of human beings across the globe still lacked access to the same.
Mr Rajiv Kumar Sharma, Principal, Spring Dale Senior School, said that issues pertaining to health are weighty matters and should, hence, be taken very seriously. “While consumption of a balanced diet is absolutely essential for every human being, taking apt measures to avoid stress is also very important if one actually wants to stay healthy. We salute and support the United Nations in its endeavors aimed at ensuring universal health cover for everyone to meet their varying health needs,” he said.
“As it is, the school proposes a nourishing tiffin menu to instill healthy eating habits among its students. Besides this, activities that encourage staff and students to pursue a healthy lifestyle are regularly organized in the school premises in collaboration with the Health and Wellness Club of the School,” he said.
Dr Kirat Sandhu Cheema, Director, Spring Dale Senior School, and Mr Sahiljit Singh Sandhu, Chairman, Spring Dale Educational Society, said that since a lot of importance was being attached to health concerns these days, the school took great care to ensure that its staff and students too were aware of the threats posed by various diseases to their lives and the measures through which these could be prevented. “We are committed to holding seminars and activities to ensure that our staff and students always remain healthy,” they said.  
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