Teachers of Spring Dales to turn green warriors to save environment
Students distribute saplings among teachers on Teachers Day

A new army of ‘green soldiers’ marched out of the premises of Spring Dale Senior School, on Friday. This army comprises the teachers of the school, who have been entrusted the responsibility of saving the environment by planting and taking care of saplings by the school management and the students during the Teachers Day celebrations in the school premises.
Expressing concern over the mindless felling of trees in the city, the management and students of the School urged teachers to turn ‘green warriors’ to save environment from destruction by planting saplings. The event was organized by the Student Council of the school.
The students also distributed saplings among their teachers on this occasion. Bearing saplings, students could be seen zipping across the school to distribute these among teachers. The school authorities and the students have urged the teachers to plant these saplings in vacant spots in and around their homes and to take care of these to ensure that they do not wilt away before attaining maturity.
Saplings of plants including Arjun, Neem and others having medicinal value were distributed among the teachers on this occasion. “Trees are being felled in the city in large numbers, sometimes in the name of development and at other times just recklessly. This is a serious issue, which requires grave concern and concerted efforts at ensuring that the city’s green cover simply does not vanish,” said Mr Rajiv Kumar Sharma, Principal, Spring Dale Senior School.
Dr Kirat Sandhu Cheema, Director, Spring Dale Senior School, and Mr Sahiljit Singh Sandhu, Managing Trustee, Spring Dale Educational Society, said that as students repose blind faith in their teachers and look up to them as role models, teachers had been assigned the task of making this contribution towards making Amritsar Green.
“The initiative will go a long way in not just helping the Amritsar district administration in its tree plantation drive, but would also inspire students to follow in their teachers’ footsteps and contribute towards making the city green,” they said.
Spring Dale Senior School