Santoor Maestro Pandit Bhajan Sopori regales staff and students with his recital

Renowned Santoor Maestro Pandit Bhajan Sopori regaled the staff and students of Spring Dale Senior School with his Santoor recital organized in the school under the aegis of the Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth (SPICMACAY).
Belting out classical melodies on his instrument, Sopori interacted with the students and taught them the finer nuances of classical music and making them sing ragas to the accompaniment of his Santoor.
He urged the students to learn classical music as it would grant them an insight into what music actually is, besides enabling them to gain knowledge about the ragas, which would help develop their personalities.
Mr Rajiv Kumar Sharma, Principal, Spring Dale Senior School, said that Pt Sopori gave a spellbinding recital, which drew a hearty applause from the staff and students many times during the performance. He added that the event afforded the students with a chance to understand the finer aspects of Santoor recital, besides enabling them to appreciate the Indian classical music.
Dr Kirat Sandhu Cheema, Director, Spring Dale Educational Society, and Mr Sahiljit Singh Sandhu, Director and Managing Trustee, Spring Dale Educational Society, said the event enabled the students to savor and appreciate classical melodies, especially the ones played on Santoor.
“As it is extremely important to apprise the students of the rich cultural heritage of India, we regularly organize visits by various artists, singers and dancers,” they said. They added that not only does it help preserve the ancient musical traditions  to preserve, but also enables the students to emerge as balanced, thinking and sensitive individuals. “The school reiterates its commitment to this cause,” they said.  
 Spring Dale Senior School