Spring Daleans urge elders to emerge as effective role models for them

Resorting to the medium of theatre to put forth their ingenuity, curiosity and uniqueness, the students of Classes I and II of Spring Dale Senior School implored their elders to understand their curiosity, give them the much-needed space and time that they need to evolve into good and responsible human beings and emerge as effective role models for them.
The students also highlighted the need to promulgate ancient beliefs as ‘Vasudhev Kutumbkam’ (the whole world is one family) to advance virtues that promote humanity and curb barbarity through a scene depicting parallels between the most recent Paris terror attack and Kalinga war. 
The show started with the blessings of Mr S S Sandhu, Chairman, Spring Dale Educational Society, who urged the gathering to cherish their wards for their intrinsic abilities and talents and to help them to nurture these to enable their wards to live life to the fullest and grow up into good and responsible global citizens.
Titled ‘How I Wonder’, the play essentially deals with the inquisitiveness inherent in children and the need to nurture the same in a healthy manner. It urges elders to be good role models for them, to let their imagination and creativity lead them to new paths, besides learning to repose their trust in their ability to create a better world.
Giving details about the play, Mr Rajiv Kumar Sharma, Principal, Spring Dale Senior School, said that the verve of the play is educational. “An attempt has been made to portray the fact that children are curious by nature and learn by observing, especially their elders,” he said.
Stating that usually elders try to snub children’s curiosity and fill them with what they know, and often end up killing their wards’ ingenuity and imagination in an attempt to make them like someone else, he added that children wonder and ask questions. “They observe us and form opinions. The way we respond to them will determine how their thought process will develop,” he said.

Spring Dale Senior School