Spring Dale Senior School hosts poster making competition

 Alert today, alive tomorrow’, ‘Safety is the lock, you are the key,’ ‘Safe drive, stay alive,’ ‘Safety first, business next’, and ‘Better be late than late Ms or Mr…’, were some of the slogans that echoed through the premises of Spring Dale Senior School on the occasion of a Poster Making Competition organized by Educational Wing of the Amritsar Traffic Police.
Students from at least 12 schools participated in this event. A team from the traffic police department led by Mr Surinder Pal Singh, a traffic marshal, Sub Inspector Mr Parmjit Singh and Head Constable Mr Salwant Singh, associated with the Educational division of the traffic police also spoke to students about the unwritten but important ‘ABC’ Rule (Always Be Careful) of road safety, which was also replicated in some of the posters prepared on the occasion.
Talking about the poster making competition, Mr Rajiv Kumar Sharma, Principal, Spring Dale Senior School, said that the event witnessed a hearty response from the local schools. “It afforded the participating students with a chance to understand the gravity of the issue considering the fact that a number of people meet tragic ends on the roads every year for failure in observing the traffic rules properly.
He added that the school took great care in ensuring that its staff and students obeyed the traffic rules. “It is mandatory for the staff commuting by two wheelers to wear helmets while carrying all the requisite documents along, while students under the age of 18 years are not allowed to drive,” he said. He maintained that the school regularly conducted sessions with the van drivers as well to ensure that they are well-versed with the traffic rules and carry updated documents.
Dr Kirat Sandhu Cheema, Director, Spring Dale Senior School, and Mr Sahiljit Singh Sandhu, Managing Trustee, Spring Dale Educational Society, said that as it was mandatory for all to possess knowledge of traffic rules, the school regularly organized such lectures to spread awareness about road safety among its staff and students.
“Besides imparting good quality education, our aim is to ensure that our staff and students are safe when they venture out on the road while in transit,” they said. They added that the school would continue to hold more such talks in the future as well.
Spring Dale Senior School