Performance Arts Centre

Davinder Pal Center for Performing Arts
We sincerely believe that our students need the most versatile training and education; and theatre is an indispensable component for evolution of their intellectual and emotional expression. That is why we teach them various aspects of production and portrayal in histrionics, dance, music and ‘Gatka’- the traditional martial art form.

  1. Stage fright is one of the biggest clog in the development of a student’s confidence. Therefore, we train our students in Dramatics to help them overshadow this frailty. This makes them learn the art of expressing themselves through techniques such as voice modulation, proper intonation and enactment. This also helps them in chiseling their theatrical abilities.
  2. The students are trained in Dance (Laya-Taal), which includes various dance forms and enlighten them about the passion and the ecstasy that various dance forms gift to the human soul. Students learn Kathak, Bhangra, Giddha, Sammi and other popular dance forms.
  3. Our students are trained in the art of playing the mellifluous “Bhangra Dhol” which  teaches them various nuances of Punjabi music and also introduces them to the beautiful and rich Punjabi culture.
  4.  To preserve the heritage dating back to the times of Sixth Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind Ji, we impart training to our students in Gatka, a martial art form of the Sikhs to keep it thriving. This traditional martial art is integrated with Performing Arts activities and exhibited in various forms, including theatre.
  5. We use the medium of Bhajans and Shabads to make our students acqaunted with the art form of Vocal Music (Gayaki).
  6. We take immense pride in our Casio Keyboard Lighting Lab facility. Ours is the first school in North India and amongst the top three in the country to equip our students with this facility. We feed the seed of Instrumental Music in our students with the assistance of electronic boards, violins and guitars.
  7. Sound Recording Studies
    A fully equipped sound recording studio is the hub of Performing Arts Department where the dialogues and sound tracks are pre-recorded for school’s annual theatre festival and light and sound shows. The school takes pride in showcasing various performing art forms learnt by the students through its theatre productions putting on stage talents of thousands of students in each show.