Dr. Shivinder Singh Sandhu

Live for something – Do good and leave behind you a monument of virtue that the storms can never destroy – write your name in kindness, love and mercy on the hearts of thousands you come in contact with year by year, and you will never be forgotten – your name and your deeds will shine as the stars of heaven” – Chalmers

Such was the persona of Dr. Shivinder Singh Sandhu – generous and unassuming inspite of being a chest of talents. He was synonymous with dynamism, grace and wisdom. Under the able and kind guidance of great visionary parents, he turned out to be a renowned Orthopedic Surgeon.
He was the pioneer Arthroscopist of the region, trained by Dr. Robert Jackson, the father of Modern arthroscopy. He has a long list of professional accomplishments to his credit and was also blessed by a keen eye for business.

As a Senior Director of the Khanna Paper Mills, Dr Shivinder Singh Sandhu played a pivotal role in the rapid growth of the company. Born and raised in the family of educationists, education too became one of his foremost concerns.

He fostered Spring Dale Senior School with utmost care and love. Diligence, determination, energy, focus, and a relentless drive were few qualities that he wanted to see in his Spring Daleans. He solemnly reckoned that students deserved to have inspiring and interesting classes for which he pushed learning by doing and endeavoured to go an extra mile to provide global opportunities for them.

Besides he was invariably interested in sports, so the promotion of sports in the region became one of his paramount concerns. His contribution in the field of Hockey has been staggeringly large and setting up of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Hockey Academy was one of his principal contributions to the world of sports.

Dr. Shivinder Singh Sandhu possessed the qualities of head and heart. He was a philanthropist of his own kind who would go out of the way to extend a helping hand not to one but many. With such a treasure of virtues, he made his living rewarding  and a great Soul like him will be remembered forever.