Ms. Harneet Kaur Bubber

For Ms. Harneet Kaur Bubber, leading a school is a very personal process. The brief is both ever-changing and yet constant. The constancy arises from an enduring belief that school is a vehicle for change and self-improvement; it is to bring a sense of otherness; and an awareness of the unknown. She is one of the beacons leading Spring Dale Senior School in the capacity of Vice - Principal. Possessing B.Com, B.Ed degrees and an experience in the field of education spanning 21 years, Ms Bubber started her teaching career long back in 1993. She spent the initial years of her calling tutoring needy kids till 1996.

Associated with Spring Dales since 1996, Ms Bubber's forte lies in mentoring gifted children. As an educator, who is well-versed with the challenges of education and the need for making apt resources available to tackle the same, she has been associated with resource generation as Mathematics Resource Person for classes I to V besides her involvement in the teaching of English and Mathematics.

The school conferred on her the 'Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Award for Excellence Year 2006' for her immense loyalty and devotion to the teaching profession and honoured and acknowledged her undying commitment to education.

In 2008, she successfully completed the 'Task Based Teacher Training Program using Computers' under the aegis of NIIT@School. She was also awarded the Certificate of Excellent Participation during the first International Conference of Pre-Primary Principals held in City Montessori School, Lucknow in 2007.

Her progressive outlook towards education took her to Harvard University, US, in 2010 where she attended a course on the Future of Learning at Harvard Graduate School of Education. An adherent to the theory of Multiple Intelligences, she attended a workshop for its effective implementation in school in 2007.

She attended National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School in 2011 at Chennai and 2012 at Indore which helped her in extending her experience as an educator. In January 2013, she completed a foundation course on education of children with disabilities under the Rehabitation Council of India.

In 2013, she participated in a eleven day course on the Australian Vocation Education and Training Sector. By fulfilling the requirement for certificate IV in Training and Assessment.