Project ‘Umeed’ (Hope)…

While there’s life, there’s hope.

This project is all about helping the children of drug addicts of Maqboolpura area recover from the ravages of drug addiction and find a respectable place for themselves in the society. This area in Amritsar district was once notorious as the ‘locality of widows’ due to the rampant drug addiction, which wiped out virtually all of its male population at an early age leaving behind only hapless widows and children.

The children of these widows were leading dark and hopeless lives till they were discovered by the Citizens’ Forum. The NGO is now running Citizens’ Forum Vidya Mandir to help rehabilitate the children of the drug addicts and the children now look forward to a prosperous life.

As hope of a better life is an important component of peace, which we uphold, we decided to collaborate with this NGO to groom these children to become assets for the nation. Thanks to the support that they have received from this collaboration these children, now dream of becoming doctors, lawyers and pilots.

Our efforts are now aimed at helping them realize their dreams by providing logistical support to Citizens’ Forum Vidya Mandir, where they study. In keeping with our to empower them, we provide these children with books, uniforms, teachers, stationery, apart from expert guidance, advice and other infrastructure to pursue their education and carve a niche for themselves in the society.