Spring Dale Story

Educational institutions may not be termed as living beings in the strictly scientific sense but they have a life of their own as they are not just the buildings but a continuous flow of highly charged people comprising students and teachers. They have their origin in the minds of motivated individuals before taking a physical form which continues to grow for a long period of time physically and still longer, intellectually.


Mr. Surinder Singh Sandhu had conceptualised a progressive school with modern pedagogies in Amritsar after his return from Ethiopia where he served as an educator. Such was the conviction of Mr. Sandhu in his educational vision that instead of waiting to raise a building first, he started Spring Dale School in his garage with the help of his wife late Mrs Davinder Pal Kaur Sandhu who herself was an innovative educator, with only four students. It proved his conviction that one doesn’t need fancy infrastructure to provide quality education; all one needs is a clear educational vision. When the time came to expand the school to provide better facilities to students, he built a world class campus at Fatehgarh Churian Road, Amritsar on the outskirts of Amritsar. Mr. Sandhu invited Bhagat Puran Singh ji, the founder of Pingalwara to lay the foundation stone of this campus on 1st April 1981. His remarkable vision and dedication to the cause of education saw the school achieving milestones of success; thousands of successful alumni at top positions in all fields can vouch for it. The same legacy was given an exalted frame by Mrs. Manveen Sandhu and Dr. Shivinder Singh Sandhu, with their far-sighted vision to take the school to the next level. With their innovative and progressive ideas, they infused new concepts and innovative ideas into the institution to put the school on a global map.  The same vision and legacy is being carried forward by the third generation in Mr Sahiljit Singh Sandhu as the Chairman and Dr. Kirat Sandhu Cheema as the Director of Spring Dale Educational Society.