Beyond the Traditional Classrooms


In concurrence with the academics and sports, we aim multi-faceted progression to expand the thought- horizon of every Spring Dalean!


The school encourages the pursuits and hobbies of every child through various societies and clubs offering the students choice among dozens of activities. Interestingly there are 15 dynamic clubs involved in seeking active participation for all rounded development in all.


Youth for Change Club


As the name suggests, the concept is extremely promising and rewarding. This club, through its members vows to make a difference in day to day life and requires its members to be extremely driven and passionate. It resolves to undertake the societal issues and problems through social activism that benefits the nation.


Heritage Club


It entails assignments and projects to gather and disseminate information on diverse festivals dresses, cultures, dance forms, music, food preferences & cuisines, agricultural practices prevalent in different states of India.  Participation in City Heritage Walk to historically important places of the town is the most sought after activity.


Environment Club


It works with the vision to paint the town green. Wide awareness campaigns and plantation drives are carried out to alert the city residents of the dire need to save and conserve water and trees and to promote sustainable practices.


Literary Club


To conceive, believe and achieve’ is the motto of Literary Club as the students are given ample exposure to develop and enhance their written and communication skills. LITART

is the most celebrated annual event serving as an idyll for anyone with a creative bone!


Mathematics Club


Recognizing the application of mathematics in day to day life, the club involves fostering of critical thinking, logical reasoning and  mental ability that commensurate with the new ways of critical thinking. Interesting games and events are organized to make maths fun!


Eco Club


Conceptualized to create consciousness among the school children towards experiencing nature, projects are taken up related to environment management, water & sanitation, waste management et cetera at individual and community levels.


Health and Wellness Club


Aims to promote overall mental, physical and spiritual development through innovative events like ‘Health Fair’& ‘Health Wave’. Surveys & health checks are conducted for everyone including ancillary staff to ensure emotional & physiological well-being.


ICT and Computer Graphic Club


Concerned with appreciation and understanding of latest technological developments, the club takes up certain engrossing and tech-oriented events involving prolific presentation and experimental software designed by IT geeks!


Photography Club


The most versatile of them all, the photography club is omnipresent with its amateur lens men ready to capture significant moments of all the important events happening around in the school. Confined Clicks’a project taken up during the pandemic in the confines of the house and ‘Workshop on Mobile Photography’ are among the few notable projects taken up lately.


Science Club


Encourage real life application of science phenomena happening around us all! Regular Science Fairs exhibits innovative concepts where scientific models are designed under the guidance of highly accomplished staff.


Space & Robotics Club


Relatable projects are taken up on the positive and negative effects of   fast changing technologies. Contests and competitions are held at primary, middle and high school levels to sharpen their mental faculty to make the kids future ready!




Serve as a distinguished platform to exchange audacious ideas, unthought-of before by young minds. This helps to reflect out-of-the-box opinions and perspectives on the world, a class or an individual.


Quiz Club


As the name suggests, quizzing is taken on the plethora of educational topics of national, international and local importance. To encourage active participation at inter and intra class levels, various entertainment quizzes are hosted from time to time.




It embodies the spirit of SPICMACAY organization, wherein the students are enlightened on Indianness and encouraged to promote Indian Classical Arts Forms and revered Classical Artists.


Self Advocacy Club


The unique of its kind, this club is the recent prerogative of the school to partner with the Children With Special Needs.They are encouraged and a facilitated to come up with thought provoking topics that need societal understanding and empathy.


Editorial Board


The committee meets on the regular basis to discuss the latest editorials and opinion trends. Comprising of students from Grade 11 and 12, the Editorial Board is responsible for the compilation of the Annual School Magazine.