Smart Classrooms


We at Spring Dale are proud to announce that we were the first in town to introduce and functionalize the concept of smart class room. In addition to conventional learning resources teachers are making adept use of digital format to prepare and conduct lessons. The school has created a benchmark in employing technology in the smart classrooms by using projector screens & interactive whiteboards to incorporate Information Communication Technology (ICT) into classroom teaching/learning.




Well-equipped Junior and Senior composite science laboratories are designed to give supervised practical application of theory. Young researchers develop hypothesis, conduct practical projects and experiments under highly controlled conditions that enable them to attain the highest level of conceptual knowledge. We have generic specific laboratories such as Digital Mathematical Lab for young mathematicians, Graphic Arts Lab for techno savvy individuals, English Language Lab to cater to budding literary scholars along with specialized research laborious for the departments of Physics, Chemistry and Biology to enhance learning realms of future scientists, doctors and engineers.


Library and Media Centre


To strengthen and maintain intergenerational equity, campus offer separate libraries for elementary and high school levels providing varied variety of books, encyclopedias, journals, magazines & other periodicals to promote educational, cultural, recreational and research requirements.  Class library is the striking feature enabling the students to choose and pick a likeable one from store house of age-appropriate book treasure !


Arts & Aesthetics


The school aspires to achieve the equilibrium between academic brilliance and appreciation of Arts. This is sought to be achieved through deep engagement with well-equipped Creative and Performing Arts Studios curated specially for upcoming art enthusiasts, singers, dancers, actors, dramatics, sculptures, calligraphers, composers under the guidance of experienced arts faculty.


Performing and Visual Arts Centre


Every child has their own unique calling. We at Spring Dales extend exhaustive opportunities to participate in theatrical and musical productions through well-equipped studios that urge and inspire the young minds to cognize and enrich themselves in diverse areas as:




Every student is exposed to different kinds of musical instruments viz. Keyboards, Guitars, Violins, Tablas, Drums, Dhols.


Specialized Audio Recording Studio to help budding singers to achieve, enhance and develop vocal skills that encapsulate lessons in Shabads, Bhajans, Gazals & Geets.




Training is done in three major kinds of dance forms  viz. Indian Classical Dance, Western Dance, Folk Dance that provides tutelage under trained experts in Kathak, Bhangra, Giddha, Hip-Hop and other contemporary dance styles.




To stir their imagination and emotional quotient, students are encouraged to hone their acting and stage craft skills by means of theatre, mine, mimicry as well as histrionics.


Creative Arts Centre


To expand the artistic qualities of our students, school provides the necessary infrastructure, coaching and time to integrate skill inducing co-curricular activities into the academic program. To support this, the emphasis is at hands-on learning in diverse areas for which the periods are assigned in timetable on weekly basis to engage in creative arts namely Origami, Craft, Pottery, Junk-Art, Collage Making, Photography, Calligraphy, Oil Painting, Pencil Sketch, Computer Graphics, Sculpture, Needle-Work, Embroidery, Mix-Media, and Cookery.