School Safety Programs

Video Surveillance


Primarily conscientious about the safety and security of its students  and staff, the school has strong surveillance and security system equipped with enough CCTV coverage to monitor classrooms and campus besides the constant vigilance  by security guards engaged from Professional Security Agencies round the clock.

Regular safety drills are held to empower the students and staff, with safety norms.


School Advisory Boards


For the protection of students and employees, the school prioritizes the earnest working of Advisory Boards such as POSCO consisting of a 6 member committee, that ensures strict compliance of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012 (POSCO).


Sexual Harassment Prevention Board ensures that appropriate work conditions are provided in respect of work, leisure and hygiene and also that there is no hostile environment towards women at work place. For this, a complaint committee works actively in the school.


Also, to keep the ragging and bullying, both inside & outside the premises strictly in check, Anti-Bullying Board exists to ensure that atmosphere of confidence and trust is maintained to provide a platform to the student where they can raise their concerns. A confidential reporting system allows students to report any victimization and immediate attention is paid to such complaints and observations.