Life Skills Education

Adolescence Education Program (AEP)


Well recognizing the nuances of transitional adolescent stage, AEP is thoroughly engrained in the year-round calendar of the school. Important aspect of this program is to empower this cohort to manage their growing up needs to respond with fresh enthusiasm and imagination. Interactive classroom sessions employing activities in critical thinking, promoting healthy attitudes and communication skills are taken up to help young boys and girl to deal with gender stereotypes and prejudices they come across.


Digitalization: Going Paperless


Being techno conscious, we aim to provide framework to ensure the students thrive in dynamically mechanized world where ‘change is constant’ and ‘learning never stops’. Latest digital platforms are made available to young technocrats to enhance their learning and 21st century skills. In addition to this, working in administrative and academic offices in the campus has been made completely paperless with electronic applications and software deployed for their day to day functioning.


Trinity College London (TCL) Certification


A structured framework of syllabus is taken up and imparted by Trinity Trainers working closely with the teachers & students. Trinity College London has remained a leading international examination board since 1877 with over 7,00,000 pupils taking these exams in over 60 countries. The successful candidates receive TCL personal exam report as well as internationally recognized certificates in the examination conducted by the International Examiner appointed for the same. Young learner’s Certificates are awarded as per their performance in creating & exploration of stories, songs, roles & situations, thereby encouraging the young children to hone their performing skills during the early stages of learning.


The Bronze Certificate is based on teacher led ‘Group Based Presentation’ having form and structure that allows young children to take their first steps in exploring performance, musical and communication skills in a familiar and supportive atmosphere.


The Silver Certificate is based on teacher supported ‘Group Based Presentation’. Here the focus shifts to encouraging individual as well as group responsibility that allows the children to develop their performance skills in a mutually supportive atmosphere;  while allowing individuals to make their own contributions to the group presentation.


The Gold Certificate is the highest level where teacher discreetly directs the performance. The performance presented should be clearly structured, must contain identifiable characters, and demonstrate contrasting moods and dynamics within an imagined storyline or situation.


Exchange Programs


Recognizing the importance of global connectivity, we are proud to admit that we were the first ones to initiate and launch the Foreign Exchange Programs in the region. The school since 2006 has been an active participant in sending students to stay with the host families in countries like Japan and Germany while also being hosting exchange students from different countries.


Duke of Edinburg Award’s Program,Youth For Understanding (YFU) are key student exchange programs undertaken to create an increased awareness and appreciation of socio-economic and cultural realities of other countries.Students undergo a completely new way of learning experience gained by adapting to diverse work cultures. Not only stepping out of their comfort zone acts as a great way to expand their horizon, young adults learn how to overcome unexpected problems & difficulties arising before them through such global opportunities.