Students Council

Student Council


Large body of student council comprises 15 clubs, 4 houses and 1 editorial board. Prospective students encompassing leadership abilities and vision have to undergo a meticulous, carefully crafted selection process. The procedure that includes written test and rigorous interview rounds with the facilitator and the director of the school imitates the actual application process to prepare them for real life beyond the school walls.


Participation in Model United Nation (MUN)


A unique pedestal that inculcates skills of negotiation, conflict resolution and cooperation required to overcome confrontations and challenges of contemporary world. The passionate young individuals assume the roles of representative of the different countries to research and discuss agendas and workout probable solutions to them. The enthusiastic  interaction held with the like-minded youth of other reputed schools across the region helps to develop leadership skills, public speaking, research and problem solving skills.

NameClass/ Section
Gursuhani KaurXII-CPresident Eco Club
Alyssa KhuranaXI-ABVice President Eco Club
Ikshita SharmaIX-FSecretary Eco Club
Harshveer SinghXII-EFPresident Entreprenurship Club
Astha JhambX-KVice President Entreprenurship Club
Nimisha KhannaIX-LSecretary Entreprenurship Club
Amrita VohraXI-GHPresident Health & Wellness Club
Vriti ChandokX-KVice President Health & Wellness Club
Manseerat KaurX-CSecretary Health & Wellness Club
Mannat SharmaX-EPresident Heritage Club
Aditya SharmaX-BVice President Heritage Club
Mannatpreet KaurIX-ESecretary Heritage Club
Kayenaat KaurXI-IJPresident ICT Club
Sherlyn MalhotraX-AVice President ICT Club
Sehbaj Singh GrewalIX-BSecretary ICT Club
Kavisha SharmaXI-KLPresident Literary Club
Niyati AggarwalX-LVice President Literary Club
Ekam SandhuIX-ASecretary Literary Club
Sarthak TakiarXII-MNPresident Maths Club
Gurisher AroraXI-ABVice President Maths Club
Sehaj KaurX-KSecretary Maths Club
Mansirat KaurXII-DPresident Performing Arts Club
Tandeep KaurXII-CVice President Performing Arts Club
Aarush Singh MinhasX-CSecretary Performing Arts Club
Savarpratap SinghXI-IJPresident Photography Club
Prabhjeet SinghXI-GHVice President Photography Club
Savroop SinghXI-EFSecretary Photography Club
Inayat PuriXI-CPresident Spicmacay Club
Navya SoniXI-KLVice President Spicmacay Club
Pavani VermaXII-MNSecretary Spicmacay Club
Yuvraj Singh GillXIPresident Maa Boli Club
Sarangdeep SinghXI-IJVice President Maa Boli Club
Divjot KaurX-CSecretary Maa Boli Club
Suhani DograXII-KLPresident Science Club
Vansh SethX-CVice President Science Club
Medhansh KhannaIX-NSecretary Science Club
Japreet KaurXII-EFPresident Self Advocacy Club
Divjanoor KaurXIVice President Self Advocacy Club
Priya NandaX-FSecretary Self Advocacy Club
Aaradhya MehraXII-ABPresident Space & Robotics Club
Nikunj SethX-HVice President Space & Robotics Club
Devam AggarwalX-BSecretary Space & Robotics Club
Banie WadhwaXII-MNPresident TED Ed Club
Azaa MehraXI-IJVice President TED Ed Club
Rabaab GroverX-CSecretary TED Ed Club
Atisha SharmaXII-CPresident Youth for Change
Kashvi AggarwalX-DVice President Youth for Change
Joyanna MahajanIX-LSecretary Youth for Change
Swaksh KhullarXI-GHPresident Yuva Tourism Club
Anahat ChawlaX-HVice President Yuva Tourism Club
Anaya KapoorX-LSecretaryYuva Tourism Club
Gursidak K. BoparaiXI-GHPresident Quiz Club
Harasees K. BajwaX-IVice President Quiz Club
Rehmat DawarIX-FSecretary Quiz Club
Rudruday SinghXII-KLCaptain Gulmohar House
Pranjal SareenXI-ABVice Captain Gulmohar House
Bismann SinghXII-GHCaptain Jacaranda House
Saanvi MehendruXI-ABVice Captain Jacaranda House
Yash SharmaXII-IJCaptain Laburnum House
Kavish SharmaXI-IJVice Captain Laburnum House
Gursahib SinghXII-EFCaptain Magnolia House
Divjyot SinghXI-IJVice Captain Magnolia House
Udhayveer SinghXII-NDigital Designing Board (Editor-In-Chief)
Ishika AggarwalX-JDigital Designing Board (Editor)
Pranjal ChandeyXI-KLEditor – In- Chief
Ganeev KaurXI-KLEditor English
Harprabhnoor SinghXI-EFEditor Punjabi
Ragini ChopraX-BEditor Hindi
Raghuvansh WadhwaXII-EFPresident Student Council
Guransh SinghXI-ABVice President Student Council
Satyam VashishtXI-KLSecretary Student Council