With a copious flow of information in today’s dynamics, we aim to nurture enthusiastic learning along with the strong work ethos to let our future citizens carve a niche for themselves in contemporary world !


The school has its long standing affiliation with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi – a progressive National Board duly recognized on national as well international academic platforms. While proffering the experience of educational programs from Middle & High classes up to Pre-College, the school has established itself as a hub to launch new initiatives by CBSE. Additionally, the school also acts as an examination center, a nodal – evaluation center and host for a number of CBSE training programs.  


The medium of instruction and examination is English which is taken as the first language, beside learning the regional language Punjabi  and the national language Hindi as the second and third  languages. Foreign languages viz German and French are also taught by expert teachers.


Adaptive  Learning


On the comprehensive understanding of how the brain develops during the formative years of life, Adaptive learning approach aims to unlock and explore the ingenuity within each child. 


Up to Grade V the school creates its own resource which is based on Multiple Intelligences Theory of Howard Garner while adapting to various learning styles of the students. Interestingly, this learning resource is updated every year according to the feedback and performance of the young learners !


Life Skill Education


In pursuit of relentless sprit of inquiry, manifestation, probing, prediction and assessment, children of Grades VI to X are guided with the comprehensive  NCERT scholastic curriculum  prescribed by CBSE. Weekly PTAs help in continued preparation as well as regular academic assessment of the children.  The holistic report cards include regular evaluation of  Life Skills, Values and Attitudes, Visual and Performing Arts, Sports,  Physical Health and Work Experience apart from the Scholastic appraisals. The idea is to infuse 21st Century Skills towards the professional development of the child by providing him learning environment integrated with subject-area knowledge and instructions.


Pragmatic  Learning


Pragmatic learning approach helps to enable the young adolescent to put their learning into practice in the real world. This ensures analytical thinking, valid reasoning, practicality, and evaluating ability to have action oriented individuals.


The school offers a number of subjects for grades XI & XII under Humanities, Commerce, Medical, Non- Medical, and other Vocational Streams. NCERT books form the core of the studies followed by strict Annual Examination Pattern.




A continuous evaluation system provides assessment in different subjects on a ‘five point scale A-E’ up to GradeV. ‘O’ grade is achieved in a subject by consistently scoring about 95%  marks. Over all ten students are picked for Achiever’s Award annually in a class size 450-470 who perform outstanding in all subjects. Classes VI to X follow the midterm and annual examination assessment as per CBSE guidelines. Classes XI-XII culminate with a board exam by CBSE awarding marks out of 100 for each subject.